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[Bloom] Candle


Why Is It Burn-Worthy?

I try not to be location biased, but I can't lie, being able to burn a candle that was hand-poured in Tokyo feels a little exotic. I was also informed that the owner of this little shop will be retiring this year, meaning we've got to savor every burn. 

Sniff Test

This candle is the epitome of a floral candle. Bright, uplifting, and reminiscent of sunshine and springtime. Made only with essential oils, this candle is as natural as it smells. Essential oils are very popular and have spearheaded the world of aromatherapy, with every oil bringing its unique talents to the table. This candle contains jasmine, vanilla & osmanthus essential oils.

Jasmine essential oil is known for it's antidepressant and aphrodisiac capabilities. Vanilla essential oil is very similar to Jasmine, while Osmanthus is known to have comforting and soothing effects. Pairing these oils together not only sounds like a match made in heaven, but it also creates a fun & flirty vibe for those who smell it.

This Candle Is Perfect For You If...

Are you one of the many candle lovers that have been looking for aromatherapy candles to help naturally guide their mood? Try this, it's been hand-poured with relaxation and romance in mind.

Spec Info

Hand-poured in Tokyo, Japan

Fragrance: Jasmine, Vanilla, Osmanthus

Burn Time: 50 Hrs.

Approx. Weight: 10.6 Oz.

Recommended Room Size: Small to Large

Wax Type: Soy 

Vegan & Phthalate-Free

[Bloom] Candle

  • Candle Sizing Guide

    5 oz. or Smaller

    These candles perform best in areas that are small or that are in your proximity, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms or on your nightstand.

    6 oz. - 10 oz.

    These candles perform best in medium sized enclosed areas, such as a bedroom, home office or even a spacious master bathroom.

    11 oz. or Larger

    These candles perform best in larger spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, or master bedrooms.

    Single Wick vs. Multi-Wick

    In addition to candle size, wicks matter too. Typically, a single-wick candle performs better in a single room, while multi-wick candles are better suited for multiple rooms or open floor plans.

  • Candle Care [Tips You Should Know]

    1) Trim Your Wick

    Before each burn, you must trim your wick to 1/4 inch. This stabilizes the flame, which helps prevent soot/smoke and wick mushrooming, creating a safer, cleaner & better burn.

    2) The Pool Rule

    Before extinguishing your candle, you should allow it to burn long enough to completely melt the entire surface of the wax. This is called a full melt pool and it's the best way to prevent candle tunneling. Tunneling happens when you have wax that doesn't get melted, so it continues to cling to the sides of the vessel, creating a tunnel effect the more and more you use the candle. It's a waste of wax and should be avoided if possible.

    3) Burn Responsibly

    Make sure you place your candle in an area that is at least a few feet away from drapes, curtains or other flammable objects.

    When burning candles near kids or pets, make sure it is out of reach for them.

    Always keep an eye on a burning candle and never leave the house when a candle is lit.

    Candles are not meant to be burned for longer than 4 hours. Do not leave it burning all day and be sure to extinguish any candles before going to sleep.

    Once a candle is down to its last 1/2 inch of wax, the candle is done. Continuing to burn a candle beyond this point may cause the vessel to crack and is considered hazardous.